We Help All ages

It is our mission to empower families to take back control of their own health through

  • Treating the individual through customized interventions.
  • Addressing the body’s tolerance to the environment through innovative Low Dose Allergen/Low Dose immunotherapy.
  • Education on how to improve health through cleaning up your diet, home, and environment.
  • Optimizing neurological and psychological function through neurological assessment and training.
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A hypersensitive immune response to foods, chemicals and environmental triggers can be treated safely and effectively with Low Dose Immunotherapy (LDI). Our patients have discovered both a reduction and elimination of chronic allergies, intolerances and sensitivities.

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Autism is defined as a developmental disorder that ranges in severity. For every checklist item received in the diagnosis of ASD, there can be a medical reason. When addressed, symptoms of that checklist can get better.

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Preconception Care

When the mother’s health in it’s best form, it benefits both the mother and the child to come. We will evaluate the mother’s nutritional status, absorption of nutrients, epigenetic susceptibilities, and environmental exposures to optimize conception, baby’s development and mom’s well-being.

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