Our practice is unique in that we offer many modalities to healing like homeopathy, herbs, supplements, dietary changes, prescriptions, lifestyle changes, education and more.


Low Dose Allergen & Low Dose Immunotherapy

LDA is used to treat all types of food, chemical and inhalant allergies. Using very low, homeopathic doses of allergens, LDA calms the immune system safely and effectively, without the risk of reactions that are seen with mainstream immunotherapy programs. Learn More


Epigenetic Consultations

Behavioral and environmental factors can change how genes express themselves. Discussing your epigenetics holds great potential for identifying ways to prevent or reduce the risk of disease. It may also help us select therapies that can bring on the most healing.


Lab Testing

We use the latest in functional diagnostic lab testing to get to the root cause of your health issues with as much information as possible. We can help you interpret any lab work in its relation to your total wellness.


Hyperbaric Chamber Rental

Enhance your healing potential with HBOT, an effective method of increasing oxygen delivery to diseased and damaged tissue. Reduce inflammation in the gut and brain, remove toxins, and build new capillaries.


Nutrition Assistance

Discover the most nutrient dense, healing food choices for your body. Uncover foods that could be a source of allergy and inflammation in your system. Let us counsel you in your healing journey to ensure proper nourishment and satisfaction.

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Healing Provisions is a Holistic Medical Clinic dedicated to children, adults and families on the quest to heal and find optimal health. Our practitioners have over 50 years of experience treating patients and are ready to share their training, experience and knowledge with you.

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Additional Services

Preconception & Prenatal Consultations

We will evaluate the mother’s nutritional status, absorption of nutrients, epigenetic susceptibilities, and environmental exposures to optimize conception, baby’s development and mom’s well-being. Learn More

New Patient Appointments

New Patient appointments allow us time to dig deep into your health concerns. We reserve 90 minutes for your first appointment, asking questions and discussing issues in great detail.

Follow Up Visits

Check in on your progress, discuss lab results, and tweak treatment protocols with a follow up visit. Appointments can be scheduled in 30 or 60 minute increments, providing adequate time to listen and talk.

International Patients

Skype consultations and phone appointments are available for patients in any part of the world. This option is also available for follow up visits. Call Healing Provisions today to make an appointment.